We are on a mission to set the new standard in savings. A standard which is based on automation, efficiency and always acting in the best interest of our customers. We are firm believers that most financial institutions work against, not for, their customers and there is a great opportunity to build a new financial champion. 

Our goal for Lysas asset management is to provide our customers with the most diversified and efficient low cost funds in Europe. This requires that we search for innovative solutions to old problems while working in tight teams with close cooperation between different specialities such as product owners, developers, lawyers and asset managers. You can read more about our investment philosophy here (in Swedish): https://lysa.se/whitepaper


Our goal is to become the most efficient low cost investor in Europe bringing highly diversified portfolios in accordance with our investment philosophy to our customers. This will be your key goal and focus. You will be working to build our investing infrastructure and make sure our asset management is appropriate and efficient. You will be responsible for the management of our funds, where we manage approximately 12 billion SEK, which include analyzing what instruments to invest in and how to trade them. You will design the process for doing so in the most efficient way possible.

You will always work to explain our asset management to customers and make it as transparent as possible. You will work with multiple asset classes focused on equities and fixed income to create both broad and sustainable strategies. Lysa is growing quickly and you will be expected to help out where it is needed.

Who you are

You like numbers and are able to work with them easily. You are structured and understand the importance of making sure funds valuations are correct and that we always provide the best possible execution for our clients. You are drawn to challenges and get a kick of lowering the price our customers pay.

It is likely that you have a degree with a speciality in finance, mathematics or computer science. It is further likely that you know who John Bogle was and are familiar with “A random walk down wall street”. In any case you have a strong interest in the finance industry and feel that the current usual way of doing things is not the best for most customers.

About Lysa

Lysa is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Sweden. Today 1 % of all adult Swedes are paying customers and we manage more than 1 bnEUR. We have recently launched our platform in Denmark and Finland. Our team of 35 has a mission driven culture and we work hard to have a significant impact on the European savings market.


Do you want to be a part of our fantastic team? Please apply by clicking the link below. If you have any questions regarding this job, please contact linda.ribbing@tacq.se